Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dead Reptile Shrine "N.T.K." (2002)

Country: Finland
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Label: Antihumanism Records
Quality: VBR
1. Intro (Nokturnal Thelema Krusifixion)
2. Rotting Flesh Laid On Altar
3. Immolation Of Tainted Flesh
4. The Oath Of The Self-Mutilator
5. Winter Warrior
6. Drinking In The Misthaven
7. Power From Blasphemous Intent
8. Natural Born Stalker
9. By This Axe I Rule
10. Outro (The End Of Krusifixion)
11. Of Silence, Sickness & War
12. I See The Sign
13. Beautiful Fullmoon Majesty
14. Holocaustogrammaton
15. Infernal Impurity
Time Album: 1:10:22

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