Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dead Reptile Shrine "Burning Black Infinity" (2008)

Country: Finland
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Label: Antihumanism Records
Quality: 320
1. Return To The Ancient Battlesite
2. An-Nihil-Aton
3. Lucid Dreaming
4. Stella Macrocosmica
5. Skull-Crushing Avenger
6. The Dark Gods Teaching To Chaioth Ha-Qadesch
7. Prague Spring
8. Song Of War In Desert Twilight
9. Saga Of The Warrior Princes
10. Walpurgisnacht
11. Death Mask
12. Wisdom Of Life
13. A Forest Song
14. Bronze Statue In The Rising Of Saturn
15. Ahnenpfad
Time Album: 1:17:33

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